Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Daddy in Town

Hey hey hey... looks for the new hottest dad in town..
Presenting the coolest dada with rambut cacak2..hehehe..

Alhamdullilah, semua dah selesai sekarang... mummy and baby thira both in kampung (Manjung) .. sekarang nie jadi weekend husband and weekend daddy la.. hujung minggu je terus shoot ke manjung..then ahad balik Putrajaya balik. By the way, sekarang nih dah duduk rumah teres double storey at Presint 14. Untung ada wife kerja gomen..hehehehe

Hmm.. its been a while since my last post.. a lot to tell.. but malas nak taip hehehe.. well I must learn to post every single story as I think I am getting pelupa day by day.. dah tua kot..

Ok.. this will be some preview pic for next post.. a lots to share .. believe me..

Maybe I can start with some preview list of what happened this year ..

1. Pindah rumah baru at Presint 14 Putrajaya

2. Waiting moment for our first child

3. Hospital AnNur Bangi (place where we meet our lovely princess)

4. Our lovely princess - ATHIRAH HANI BINTI MOHD ERLY

5. Credit for visitors .



Blogger raducaca said...

sney rodi mad din!

hahahahah dah jadik abah org!!
congratsss pakcikkk!!!


5:01 PM  

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